Chase Rice

Chase Rice at the Ritz September 14, 2017

Chase Rice, an American country music singer was raised in Asheville, NC and is a alumni of University of North Carolina. You may also recognize him from the show Survivor: Nicaragua in 2010. Also voted by viewers as 10th most attractive male contestant in Survivor history in 2015 (Survivor 15th anniversary) in the official issue of CBS Watch magazine.

Chase’s first album, Friday Nights & Sunday Mornings, was released April 22, 2010. In his EP Ready Set Roll took #1 on the iTunes Country album chart. Chase Rice country version of SoMo’s Ride was released in 2014 on the Ignite the Night album as a bonus track. Reaching #38 on the Hot Country Songs chart an sold over 413,000 copies in the US by February 2016.

As for the show. Chase came out with his voice a little rough but he warmed up into the second song.  He preformed all his hits like: Ready Set Roll, Gonna Wanna Tonight, Carolina Can and of course Ride. For ride the ladies in the audience went stark raving mad. Toward the end of the song he pulled couple whom were celebrating their first anniversary Sunday. Ride became a little comic as the husband was told how to treat in lady that night. All in good fun right!

The show overall was entertaining. I even knew some of the songs as a very close friend introduced me to his music. The show had a heavy, “Edgy” County (to coin a phrase) music feel to it. Very enjoyable.