Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi

@ PNC Arena – Raleigh, NC

April 24, 2019

Well this was my first concert at the PNC in Raleigh, North Carolina. First thing I have to say is what the heck is the $20 parking crap… All the venues that I have been to it’s free to park. Unless you wanted executive parking like at Walnut Creek.

Please excuse the pictures because there were no photo passes. My little digital was permitted and my seat was in section 300… I am glad I did not spend $200-300 to sit on the floor, but we will get to that.

As we know, the band has been around from 1983, originating in Sayreville, NJ. with changes in lead guitar and bass player (twice). We now have: Jon Bon Jovi (lead singer), David Bryan (keyboard), Zico Torres (drummer) and new members Phil X (lead guitar) and Hugh McDonald (bass). 

The band has 13 studio albums and has sold more then 100 million records worldwide with Bon Jovi being inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame in 2006, and into the US Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame on April 13th, 2018.

John came out strong with a mixture of old and new. His newer folkie sound with the acoustic guitars was well received. But the crowd was more excited with his 90s music. 

He still looks good letting his hair gray naturally. Still has that great smile. Kudos to Jon for not being one of those old rockers dressing to look young again. He dressed kind of like he came off the street on a casual day to sing some songs for us.

After a few songs Jon seem to have been suffering with something in his eye. Kept blinking, especially with his right eye. But the show must go on, and like a champion, he did.

Halfway through the set you could tell his vocals were suffering a little. The backup vocals seem to get louder to cover or he wasn’t putting out as much power. But I have to say Phil X was a great substitute for Richie Sambora. And Zico Torres at 64!!!  Zico has the energy to play the drums all night long, three/four times a week! 

The light show was nothing special. But the people running the displays we’re doing great with their videography.

A nice little social, crowdpleaser was when John came out into the crowd to a platform he had set up to sing, blank and blank. Hugging the ladies, fist bumping the guys and stopping the pose for pictures. Thankfully nobody try to touch him when he walked down the slim platform they had over the guard rail on his way back to the stage.

The band ended the night strong with special cassette (yes remember them D) song “Bad Medicine” and encores “Wanted Dead or Alive” and Live’ on a Prayer”.