Carolina Rebellion 2018 Review

Carolina Rebellion 2018 Review

This was my first Carolina Rebellion at the Rock City Campgrounds/Charlotte Motor Speedway and I am sure it will not be my last.  I did not get my media/photo pass but was offered a media ticket and was told I could bring my little “non professional camera”.  No photo pit for me at this event, but I did what I could from the crowd. And the pictures are a little crappy. 

Gallery Here and Full Screen Slideshow Here

The crowd was huge as expected with a mix of young and old rockers. Not too surprising being the event featured newer up and coming national bands, current headliners like Five Finger Death Punch and 90’s bands like Alice in Chains and Godsmack.

The weather was nice, but the sun was hot and dry which became a problem when the moshpit crowds kicked up all that dust.  One group was nice enough to try and let you know and control the location. Inviting anyone to come there, if interested.  Of course this also let you know where they were setting up so you could clear out of the area.  But once they got started, the dust could get so bad you would not see the stage.

Body surfing…  My goodness I got a workout the first few bands I had saw, until I learned again where to stand.  The people would come in waves of endless bodies floating overhead.  Bucher Babes was out to set a new Guinness Book of World Records for body surfing during their show.  I have not found anything yet on their effort, but I watched that show from afar.

I could write on every band I saw, but the best shows for me were all on the second day.  I love In This Moment because Maria Brink likes to put on a show for you.  Some theatrics to go with every song they perform.  Pop Evil because it was the first time I seen them live and Five Finger Death Punch.

As always, 5FDP shows a lot of respect, love and support for America, our troops and veterans.  This show I found they now added Fxck Cancer to their causes as well as Halestrom has. Bad boys with good hearts.


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