Sugarland is back on the road after a five year hiatus. Their Still the Same Tour made it’s third stop here in NC at the PNC Arena in Raleigh. Starting the show with Bigger from their upcoming June 8th release Bigger. Moving onto All I Want to Do from The incredible Machine and Stuck Like Glue from Love on the Inside.

The stage set was going for big top circus flare including the band’s early nineteenth century attire. Kristian Bush changing his fedora for a stylish homburg bowler hat. Jennifer Nettles, of course, being the lovely female ringmaster. 

Even after their five year hiatus, Jennifer and Kristian still have great stage chemistry going for them. They are entertainers as well as singer/song writers and like to preform and have fun. Jennifer’s voice is top notch and she is expressive and feisty on stage. Making a comment about seeing her butt on the big screen as she shakes her finger at the cameraman. Kristian, not to be left out, making a comment on how good she looks. 

The show was great and very entertaining. I am sure Bigger will be their sixth successful album release and will add to Sugarland’s 14 million record sales.