First Aid Kit w/ Jade Bird




It was a great night for the North Carolina Museum of Art to start off their Summer Music Series this year. People started arriving at 6:30 with blankets and picnic baskets. Beer and bottles of wine were available from venders as well as BBQ, ice cream and other foods. 




The music started at 8pm with a singer/songwriter from England, Jade Bird. Out comes this young lady in a pink denim jump suit with an acoustic guitar. Joking how no one told her North Carolina was so warm.

Jade Bird at the NCMA

Jade belted out her “Piss off” songs (as she called them) with a lot of smiles and strong vocals. 


First Aid Kit is a Swedish indie folk duo that consists of sisters Klara (vocals/guitar) and Johanna Söderberg (vocals/bass guitar/keyboards/auroharp). They and their band members flew in from Sweden 24 hours before this show to start their US tour this summer. 

Klara Söderberg at the NCMA

Johanna had a ton of energy, dancing and bouncing as she played the bass. While Klara was at the mic, singing and playing guitar. 

Johanna Söderberg at the NCMA


Folk group, First Aid Kit, put on an energetic show and I was pleasantly surprised!