Luke Bryan

Country singer and songwriter Luke Bryan played Walnut Creek Amphitheater June 28th to what looked like a full house. 

He started off with Country Girl (Shake It For Me) making me think of my lady. Fire blowing up into the air like it was a rock show. But that’s today’s new modern country. A lot different from Jon Pardi whom opened up for him. 

Luke is a showmen. Expressive and engaging with the crowd. Fun and funny with his facial expressions as you can see.

Popping a cold one before Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day

At one point in his third song I Don’t Want This Night to End, he was offered a graduation cap from a fan. Taking off his baseball cap and droning the graduation cap. Dancing across the stage while he sang and seeing himself in the side stage monitor. Tripped into a laughing fit. Signed the cap and tossed it back to the fan.

He is a must see for a good night of fun and music. 

Photos by Michael Macsuga