The Rocky Horror Show

Let’s do the Time Warp 

That song is still stuck in my head… 

The Rocky Horror Show came to the Booth Amphitheater in Cary, NC, this weekend presented by Theater Raleigh. The Musical is based on the original stage production from 1973 by Jim Sharman and Richard O’Brien. Later became the classic cult film The Rocky Horror Picture Show in 1975. 

The Booth Amphitheater had to push the Friday, October 26th, show to Sunday night because of rain. The entire weekend was chillier then normal for this time of year. You have to give the cast kudos for preforming on two such nippley nights in lingerie, underwear and revealing dance outfits. Yes, I said nippley. Especially Josh Canfield who played Rocky because he was in only a gold speedo all night. This was a PG16 show after all with a transvestite, aliens and sexual satire. 

Taylor Kraft and Carlos Alcala as Janet and Brad

I missed most of the pre-show where the audience was participating in a catwalk strutting contest. If you looked around, you would also notice members of the audience dressed as their favorite characters while being given instructions to call Brad Majors (played by Carlos Alcala) an “Asshole” and Janet Weiss (played by Taylor Kraft) a “Slut” every time they came on stage. I was there in time to be taught Time Warp Dance and instructed to turn to the lady behind me and chant “Touch me, touch me, touch me!”

Settling into my seat I was greeted by one of the candy girl/dance members, offering “Candy and condoms!”, and was given M&Ms and a Trojan. Now if I had my special lady with me we could have cuddled under a blanket to keep her warm and maybe had an extended night with two condoms! But alas she was up north and I was alone…

“Candy and Condoms!”

As you can already imagine, the volume of the callouts and hazing from the audience as Brad and Janet walk out of the church doors in the beginning of the show. Audience participation just makes the production more fun and funny. If you were a preorder ticket guest, you were offered a guest bag of audience participation props. The bag included a loaded water gun with a newspaper to cover your head for the rain (water gun) scene. A flashlight to help Asshole, I mean Brad, see after he blows his car tire. 

Our narrator, David Henderson, seemed to lose more of his clothes in every scene. By the end of the show he is topless in his boxers and socks with garters. 

Jesse Gephart, Penn Holderness and Carlos Alcala

The show was full of laughs, dance and song. All the vocals where great including Raleighs ex-news anchor now blogger, Penn Holderness, playing Riff-Raff.  

Penn Holderness as Riff-Raff

I myself hope this becomes an annual show because it is a cult classic that seems never to get old with all the audience participation.

Let’s do the Time Warp Again!!!

Cast and Creative

Frank ‘N’ Furter – Jesse Gephart
Riff-Raff – Penn Holderness
Janet – Taylor Kraft
Brad – Carlos Alcala
Rocky – Josh Canfield
Magenta – AC Donohue
Columbia – L.E. Barone
Eddie/Dr. Scott – Lydia Kinton
Narrator – David Henderson
Phantoms/Ensemble – Shayla LaGrange, Meagan Chieppor, Shaun-Avery Williams, Melvin Gray Jr., Lydia Tart, Summer Stanley

Director/Choreographer – Abbey O’Brien
Music Director – Ethan Andersen
Scenic Design – Josh Smith
Stage Manager – Mette Schladweiler