Scotty McCreery

Scotty McCreery

@ The Ritz Raleigh, NC

January 19, 2019

It was a sold out show for Scotty McCreery at the Ritz. The line to get in ran from the front to the back of the parking lot and up to the front again to get in.

First up was Heather Morgan followed by Jimmie Allen. I have to say I liked Jimmie but was not allowed to take any pictures.

I was glad to see the Ritz actually rented some spotlights for this show (I asked, they rented…) and hope they add them permanently to the venue because they are sorely needed there.

Around 10:15 Mr. McCreery started his show off with Foreplay. Grabbing his guitar as he moved on to Buzzin’ and just kept on going.

The crowd was alive and responsive with Scotty through his full show. The ladies dancing and the guy happy the last song of the night was “Your Man”.