@ PNC Arena – Raleigh, NC

January 27, 2019

Cher was with us at the PNC Raleigh January 27th. Coming out (or should I say down being lowered on a platform) preforming “Woman’s World”. Flamboyant in big red hair and dressed as a female roman. 

After preforming her second song, “Strong Enough” I had to pack up the camera and return it to the car (2 song limit for pictures). As I was leaving, she was talking about her career. Funny thing is, the monologue was long enough for me to walk my gear out, come back, go through security and find my seat. I heard the tail end about millennials not knowing how to write cursive and also dropped some language about David Lettermen. 

The show was great. Every two songs we would get half a music video or flashback videos while Cher did costume changers. Her acting flashbacks had her dropping some colorful language and the fbomb. 

Later she apologized for the language realizing children were in the crowd and even posted a apology on Twitter:

Just walked OfF Stage, Raleigh Crowd was amazing, but I Screwed Up SO BAD. Broke my (heart). I Say Version Of Rough. Word Without actually Saying Whole word. But 2nite I Did it by accident. KIDS were there. Im inconsolable. I’d TIP TOE 2 edge With Adults, but NEVER With Kids. No take 2