19 year old Indie/pop artist from Phoenix, Taylor Upsahl, has been into music from the age of 5 and made her first EP at the age of 14.

After finishing high school in 2017, Taylor had her family’s support in making a bigger break into the music industry.

Well here she is, signed to Ariasta Records and released her first EP with them, Hindsight 20/20, this month. With the help of last years release of the single Drugs in January, UPSAHL is approaching 600k streams on Spotify.

Touring with Max Frost until mid April, she will be heading to the UK for for a few gigs. We got to the hear this singer/songwriters catchy tunes this week with band members; Alex Flagstad on guitar, and drummer, Ross Hodgkinson at the Cat’s Cradle.

Alex Flagstad
Ross Hodgkinson

Taylor is not new to the stage.  Upstarting venues are kind of small for her considering she performed at the McDowell Mountain Music Festival in 2016 and 2017 in Phoenix.