“You wanted the best!

You got the best!

The hottest band in the world!


Down they came on descending platforms playing Detroit Rock City…

This was my first (and last) time to see KISS play masked. KISS was my first concert in 1984 when they were on their Lick It Up tour in New Haven, CT. They had dropped the face paint 4 years earlier.

They were also my first concert review in 1985 for my high school paper. Animalized tour, again in New Haven, CT. I snuck my camera into that one… This time around, I got to take pictures legally for their sold out show at the PNC in Raleigh. I checked into the parking lot before the show and there were 3 resale tickets left. Two $200 upper deck and a $3000 floor seat.

The crowd was a mix of excited preteens and middle agers. Many fans in KISS makeup and quite a few in costumes.

This was a hell of a show. A show you would expect from KISS. Full of fog, fire, blood, explosions, zip lines, sparks and confetti.

Paul Stanley may have moved a little slower at 67 but hey, he is still wearing platform boots and dancing. He is still belting out his songs and riding a zip line to the stage in the back to perform Love Gun and I Was Made for Loving’ You (as I sang it out to someone miles and miles away) while many people his age are in bed by 10pm.

Gene being the oldest member at age 69 was still spitting blood for God of Thunder and spitting fire to open War Machine. Still flicking that demon tongue at the girls and being crass.

The show was excellent!!  The show was non-stop entertainment for over 2 hours. What you would expect from a band who always had an over the top show for 49 years.

Now the question remains… Is this REALLY the last tour…


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