@ DPAC – Durham, NC

June 23, 2019



I have not seen Styx since  the time they played at the Big E in West Springfield, Massachusetts, many years ago. The Big E was comparable to seeing them here, if they played at the NC State Fair. I have to say, Durham Performing Arts Center was a much better venue for the show which sold out all 2700 seats.

The only founding members left in Styx from 1972 are Chuck Panozzo on bass and James “J.Y.” Young as lead vocals and guitar. That being said, they have 16 studio albums to pull from, including their latest release “The Mission” from 2017. Styx generally doesn’t have or need an opening band. Sadly, this show they did have an opener at a later date. So unlike most of there other shows, we at the DPAC received a shortened setlist.

The show was lively and Chuck and James were engaging. Chuck filling us in with history and tour tidbits. James telling us about how his wife gave him a fake name and phone number when he first stammered over her. Guess she never gets to live that one down.

The music was as you would expect. Tight and top notch coming from a veteran band that actually still writes new material.

They played fifteen songs and ended the show with “Come Sail Away” before coming out to play two encore songs. I can’t help it and please forgive me, but now when I hear “Come Sail Away”, all I hear now is Cartman from South Park…

Styx Setlist Durham Performing Arts Center, Durham, NC, USA 2019, 2019 North American Tour