@ Red Hat Amphitheater – Raleigh, NC

July 17, 2019

Godsmack has not been to Raleigh in 7 years to play. My being from Massachusetts and Connecticut I saw them as a bar band. I even saw Sully Erna as a drummer with Strip Mind back in the day.

Anyway, after a couple years of being a bar band, Sully got their CD All Wound Up to the night DJ “Rocko” from the Boston radio station WAAF. Rocko started playing Keep Away heavily. Making it the number one requested song on WAAF. Godsmack went back to the studio to record the single Whatever. Again WAAF played it and they went from selling a few CDs a week to over a thousand a week and becoming a Boston area favorite bar band. This caught the notice of Universal Records in 1998.

As for the show, you heard all your favorites from their seven studio albums. Not as lively as their shows of yesteryear, but they still sound great live. Sully still doing the drum off with Shannon Larkin mid show which has become a staple of their live performances. I do have to note, Sully still tends to talk too much, but maybe he needed to catch his breath after 10-15 minutes of drumming.

As for liveliness, Bobbie Merrill kind of disappeared into the background playing bass and Tony Rombola was not energetic either. I took more pictures of Shannon playing drums then those two combined. If it was not for Sully and Shannon, there basically would have been no show. The music was still great like I said. Seeing them is still worth the price of the ticket.

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