New Years Day

New Years Day

@ Red Hat Amphitheater – Raleigh, NC

July 17, 2019

I never write a review for opening bands because there is a “First 3 songs with professional cameras, no flash” rule. We are escorted in to shoot and then escorted back out and can’t watch the full set. Then we are brought back in for the headliner and escorted out again. If we get tickets, we have to dump our equipment and can then return for the rest of the show to review. UNLESS you get a “Work” pass (can see/shoot the full show) or “All Access” pass (same but includes backstage).

New Years Day has had more then a few member changes from their inception in 2005.  Ashley Costello is the only original member.  With the current members however, they seem to nailed it with their best album yet.  Unbreakable is heavy and came out this February. The band has been put on my “Hard Girls” playlist. Pretty much the full album. I even did what is rare in this day of streaming, I bought it off iTunes.

So when I found NYD was playing at the Red Hat in Raleigh, I put in a photo request a few days before the show (generally you request 10-14 days before a show). Their PR representative was quick to help me out. NYD was opening for Godsmack and I already had approval for them. So all was good for the standard photo pass.

However I wanted to see their full set so asked the day of the show for a Work pass.  I was a little to late for that, but I love this band and said I would do a review. Sooo, the first 3 songs review.

They have lots of energy, moving around and head banging. They put on a show, but unfortunately their sound was messed up. Ashley’s mic kept dropping out. I think Austin Ingermas guitar dropped once or twice also. Ashley’s problem got to the point that into the second song “Kill or be Killed” (off their Malevolence album), drummer James Renshaw just stopped playing. Sitting there with his sticks on his shoulder. Ashley said something and he got back into it as she again, headed over to her sound technician.

James Renshaw not happy with all the sound issues….

This is not their fault. I of course did not get to see the rest of the set and can’t tell you how the rest of it went. They are playing four more times in NC so I will see what I can do. All dates New Years Day is opening for In This Moment.

Upcoming NC shows:

September 4th at The Ritz Raleigh

September 6th at The House of Blues Myrtle Beach

September 8th at The Underground – Fillmore Charlotte

September 28th at Greensboro Coliseum Complex

As we know, the Ritz does not use spotlights and pictures suck there. But the Greensboro Coliseum…. I will hit NYD for a Work or All Access pass there and take the night off at my night job, if I get approval.

Current members:

Ash Costello – vocals (2005–present)

Nikki Misery – rhythm guitar (2018-present), lead guitar (2011-2018)

Frankie Sil – bass (2016–present)

Austin Ingerman – lead guitar (2018-present)

James Renshaw – drums (2018-present)