Florida Georgia Line

Florida Georgia Line

@ Walnut Creek Amphitheater – Raleigh, NC

July 26, 2019

I was asked to write a general review of the full lineup for the Florida Georgia Line concert.  However, I got stuck in the one mile back up on 40 trying to get to Walnut Creek and unfortunately missed the first two bands.

I did get to see and shoot pictures of the first three songs for Morgan Wallen and Dan + Shay.

Morgan Wallen has the good old boy flannel and 80’s haircut look going on as did the rest of his band. I didn’t  know any of his songs, but they were fun to watch.


Dan + Shay as the leads play off each other with high energy.  These two don’t look country at all. They have more of a pop or rap look wearing their sports swag and $500 kicks. Maybe this is the new/modern ultra commercial country look? I did know all three songs I was able to see them preform and they had the fans dancing.


Florida Georgia Line was the main show!  When I first was introduced to them from this lovely lady I know, I found them a little too old “twang” country for my taste. My liking the more modern “soft rock” sound of today. Now she says they are more commercial and I like them more ?

FGL’s stage set was eye catching. Even had their wives’ names painted on the old wood water tower. 

The spots hit Tyler and Brian standing on a pair of quads  to start the show off with “Colorado” and looking a mix of old cowboy and modern country performers.


They put on a great show! They too had the fans dancing.  They interact a lot with the crowd and fellow band members. There were many good photo ops like guest singer Sam Hunt (I think). I wish I could have taken pictures of showing you more of the show and the fun they have preforming.