Papa Roach

Papa Roach

@ Red Hat Amphitheater – Raleigh, NC

August 6, 2019

Papa Roach is out on tour to support their tenth studio album, “Who Do You Trust”, that was released in January.


About halfway through the show, Jacoby Shaddix is sucking down oxygen. Telling the fans it has been 25 years and how he gives his all like he was still in his twenties. Hence the oxygen. He continues on how the band gives their all, show after show because they love what they do and we the fans deserve it.


Jacoby then wanders off stage and out into the audience. Bumping fists and doing high fives as he goes. He heads over into the pit to sing and dance with fans, before returning to the stage.


Back on stage, Shaddix tells us how after a horrible night in Las Vegas, sitting in the hospital with blood all over his face, that he realized he needed to change his destructive nature. How music saved his life and then ended up writing “Scars”.


After preforming “Scars” Papa Roach dedicates a Prodigy cover, “Firestarter” to Prodigy’s old singer, Keith Flint, who committed suicide in March of this year. Towards the end of the song Shaddix was rolling around on the stage ramp as if in anguish over the loss of Keith.

After “Firestarter” and out of breath, Jacoby spoke about suicide and how you should not listen to the dark lies in your head. You were born for greatness. Heading into their song “Born To Greatness”.

It was a mixed night of old and new songs. Old and new styles for their old and new fans.