@ Walnut Creek Amphitheater – Raleigh, NC
August 17, 2019

This past Thursday I was approved to shoot Dorothy who was performing with Breaking Benjamin at Walnut Creek. With the shoot and leave policy (if not supplied or already holding tickets), I am only reviewing Dorothy because they gave me approval.  After shooting the first three songs as is standard policy, I was allowed to hang out in the VIP section to finish watching their set for my review.


Dorothy Martin and the band have that snappy, groovy sound and vibe of the 70’s. The time they toured with Greta Van Fleet had to be a great show carrying that vibe throughout the concert.  Dorothy (the band) does not just have that rock only sound to them. They also mix in a blues groove and even some country in their music.


Here they were only getting to play 6 songs because BB had 4 opening bands. The stage and photo pit was crowded with tubing and AC equipment for the headliners show making it challenging for the opening band.  Dorothy had to keep turning her head stage right to keep her hair from blowing across her face and it also made  it difficult for the band to move about. Challenging or not, they were cool physically and figuratively on stage.


Dorothy was entertaining despite the lack of space, dancing around while decked out in her silver sequined bellbottoms.  Always smiling and having fun with her band members and the audience.


I definitely have to catch them next time they come through the Raleigh for a full show!!



Current members

•Dorothy Martin – lead vocals (2014–present)

•Nick Perri – guitar (2019–present)

•Jason Ganberg – drums, percussion (2017–present)

•Eli Wulfmeier – guitar, backing vocals (2017–present)

•Eliot Lorango – bass, backing vocals (2014, 2017–present)