@ Walnut Creek Amphitheater – Raleigh, NC 

I know a few people who skipped this show because of rain. I was just hoping there was no lightning. This would be number two of seven that did not get held back, postponed or canceled due to severe weather for me at Walnut Creek this year.

I have to say, a lot of people bailed out after Cage the Elephant was finished with their performance. Matt Shultz is being termed the new Mick Jagger with his moves and stage presence.  He put on a high energy show.

Beck steps out with what you would expect from him, a smoother presence with years of material and hits. Smartly dressed as if going out to dinner and not putting on a rock show.

Halfway into the show, Beck thanked the audience out on the lawn for holding out in the rain. He spoke about how music holds memories as he points out the black vintage 1960s Silvertone 1448 he is trying to tune. Telling us that he picked it up for $75 when he started out. Thinking of all the memory’s attached to that guitar. Stating how it is way out of tune, giving up on trying before playing “Lost Cause”. Maybe a little pre planned joke?

Beck put on a full production show with lights and colorful graphics on the monitor behind him. All side monitors and those showing the show in the VIP section however were in black and white. Possibly Becks way of saying, “Hey, I’m over here and you need to watch the full visual effects here on stage.”  Most of Beck’s “weirdness” seemed to be gone. Has he tamed over the years and successes? All in all it was a good show, maybe a little too much talk for my liking.  The main thing was there, Beck’s music.