Alter Bridge

Alter Bridge

with Dirty Honey @ 10 Years

@ The Ritz Raleigh, NC
September 19, 2019

The Alter Bridge show at the Ritz on the 19th was also carrying 10 Years and the up and coming band, Dirty Honey.

Dirty Honey

Dirty Honey was up first with some technical difficulties. The sound for singer, Marc Labelle, went off and on for the first 2 songs as well as guitarist, John Notto’s, amp dropping out during the second song.  Marc kept singing with no sound as bassist, Justin Smolian, and drummer, Corey Coverstone, carried on. For the third song everything was fixed and they cranked out the rest of the set full blast and jamming.


10 Years

10 Years seemed to be the only band without sound issues. Vocals Jesse Hasek came out with black safety gloves and sleeveless hoody and red pants. He was full of energy and ready to rock


Alter Bridge

The main act was Alter Bridge. As drummer, Scott Phillips, hits the stage everyone starts calling Myles (Myles Kennedy on vocals and guitar) and Mark (Mark Tremonti on guitar) names as they walked out all smiles for the greeting. Add bassist, Brian Marshall, and the band moved into an high energy head banging show, after a little sound issue.

It was a great night of rock put out by three great bands. I am only sorry I can only post five images of Alter Bridge per the photo agreement. To me, pictures speak a thousands words and show the mood and energy of the show.