Rumours of Fleetwood Mac

Rumours of Fleetwood Mac

@ The Carolina Theater Durham, NC

It was a pretty full house at the Carolina Theater, Durham, tonight for the globally renowned Rumours of Fleetwood Mac. A British Fleetwood Mac tribute band formed in 1999.

We at TAE were contacted about writing a review for Rumours of Fleetwood Mac. I saw and shot them in a smaller venue where the lighting is sub-optimum. I took this opportunity because this is a much better venue for a show like this.

The show begins with a video of Mick Fleetwood thanking the audience, playing a drum roll, and introducing the band.

Then out comes the members:

Jess Harwood – Lead Vocals (Performing as Stevie Nicks)

Allan Cosgrove (COS) – Drums (Performing as Mick Fleetwood)

James Harrison – Lead Guitar/Vocals (Performing as Lindsey Buckingham)

Emily Gervers – Keyboards/Lead Vocals (Performing as Christine McVie)

Etienne Girard – Bass (Performing as John McVie)

Dave Goldberg – Keyboards/Vocals/Guitar (Performing as Peter Green Era)

And Scott Poley – Lead Guitar/Vocals (Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac MD)

First performing Monday Morning and moving right into Dreams. That’s how the night played out, one hit song after another.  However the band wasn’t really engaging with each other or the audience. There was not a lot of feeling or fun on stage the first set.

The second set started with just the boys. Dave Goldberg moving out from the back and off the keyboards to sing and play rhythm guitar. Scott Poley and Etienne Girard moving front stage also to perform Black Magic Woman.  Dave did joke around about being British and about the World Cup after performing Need Your Love So Bad. Then letting us know the next song is from way back in 1969. Shooting questions out at us like who was around then and who was not?  Who was at Woodstock?  What we all missed from that time?   Scott Poley  shredded on the guitar for us. Looking like he was at least enjoying himself as he got into his riffs.

For Gypsy Jess Harwood and Emily Gervers came back out and they all seemed to get a serious again.

The music was top notch and if you closed your eyes, you would believe Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie where on stage. The crowd seemed happy to sit in their seats while enjoying the music until the last three songs of the set. Everywhere got people up on their feet to dance. World Turning and Go your Own Way kept everyone up followed by the encore Don’t Stop and Tusk to close out the night.

Fifty years people have been listening and enjoying Fleetwood Mac. Fifty years of great music!