Katie Toupin

Katie Toupin

@ Kings – Raleigh, NC

Out come the backup musicians all sporting matching bright blue T-shirts. All looking familiar to the opening band, except these guys are all wearing blue eye shadow.

Katie Toupin enters stage right in a matching blue mid top. Wearing white cutoff shorts with paint streaks on them giving reference to her current tour poster.  However tonight her long legs are not covered in paint.

Katie asks us to get on our feet and up by the stage. Noting there is plenty of room as it is a small gathering on this Tuesday stormy night. Thanking us for braving the weather to see her show.

She starts out with her tune, Danger. Right away I have to say after streaming her on Spotify, Katie carries a lot more energy and fun to her live renditions. Her energy turning her albums 50’s rock ballads sound to a fun Indie pop.

She is fun to watch. Big smiles, having fun on stage with her band mates and engaging to the point of learning our names to incorporate them into her songs.

After the show she came out to meet and talk. Sadly after my grueling 12 hour day at work with  4 hours sleep I did not stick around. Even so, I was glad I made her show and looking forward to seeing her again when she comes around. Hoping maybe to even get a little portrait session and interview next time.


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