Kip Moore -Acoustic Tour

Kip Moore

Room to Spare: Acoustic Tour

@ Carolina Theatre Durham, NC

November 21, 2019

Georgia born Kip Moore was back from last year’s tour with an acoustic one this year at the Carolina Theater here in Durham.

The setting was country basement music room with a bar,  jukebox and red drinking cups for your bottle of wine. The lights down low and intimate. A Kip Moore chill night if you happened to have your lady bring you and not her girlfriends.

Kip is all smiles and friendly with the crowd as he strummed his acoustic and teased the ladies. This 39 year old country singer is still single ladies.  Singing of love and life, but he points out his 3 albums are not all about his life.

It was a good chill night to listen to his rich voice and not be blinded by light or go home with your ears ringing.

I covered both his shows in the Triangle area and can’t tell you which I liked more. The Thursday night relax and listen or the Friday night, drink and dance.  Both good shows!