Diamante Blue Balls Holiday Tour

@ The Cat’s Cradle Back Room, Carrboro, NC
December 3, 2019

I first seen Diamante perform as one of the opening acts for Breaking Benjamin this summer at Walnut Creek. I was, “Who the hell is that? They’re great!”


Diamante (Diamante Azzura Bovelli) is a solo, hard rock artist who released her first studio album Coming In Hot in June 2018. I then purchased said disk and I have to say I like her sound better live. Live her songs sound heavier, which I like.

I found out the day before Thanksgiving she was playing at the Cat’s Cradle Back Room via BandsInTown (I have to pay more attention to BandsInTown). We media photographers usually are asked to put in a request 14 days before a show. With it being an holiday weekend, I submitted for a photo pass and ticket while crossing my fingers on the 27th. The publicist hit me back within 2 hours, passing on my info to the tour manager Timmy, with approval.

With it being Tuesday night during both NCU and NCS winter breaks, the crowd was a bit small. However, Diamante and the band did not hold back. They performed like it was a Friday night with a full house. The band’s energy was there, feeding the crowd.

Diamante once asked if there were any Latinos in the audience and received a yell out from a couple. Diamante pointed out her Mexican/Italian heritage and her name translated is diamond blue. Then said she was going to sing I’m Sorry (Lo Siento) mixing it with English and Spanish.

After the show she came out to pose for photos and sign autographs. Chatting here and there with fans. I even received a couple of hugs before I left from her. She is very friendly and appreciative towards her fans.

The show was excellent and Diamante’s voice is unique and was top notch. Hoping to see her again in the area.

Line up:
Diamante Azzura Bovelli, Vocals
Waylon Recto, Gutair
Bryan de Leon, Gutair
Zach Bilson, Bass
?? , Drums

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