Delta Rae

Delta Rae

@ Lincoln Theater – Durham, NC

December 13, 2019

Delta Rae is a national band from here in the Triangle. Formed as a quartet in Durham, NC, by three siblings: Brittany Hölljes (vocals), Ian Hölljes (vocals, guitar) and Eric Hölljes (vocals, piano, guitar), as well as Elizabeth Hopkins (vocals) and they debuted at Duke University in 2009.

By 2010 they added drummer Michael McKee and bassist Grant Emerson to the mix and cut their first self titled EP Delta Rae. Two years later getting signed and releasing there first full album Carry the Fire

Being locals the Lincoln Theater sold out for the two shows booked on Friday and Saturday night. I was allowed to shoot Friday night and the place was packed. They had video cameras setup throughout the venue. I surmised to make a live in concert video like when they recorded their second disk before being signed, Live at the Lincoln Theater, in 2012.

The show was a mix of music, as expected, because they don’t follow to one genre. A mixture of Folk, Pop, Rock, Country and a little Gothic vocals from Brittany. The energy was the same as they switched it up. Bouncy pop, energetic rock and smooth easy family (plus 1) melodies. So a little something for everyone and then some.