Céline Dion

Céline Dion

@ PNC Area – Raleigh, NC

February 11, 2020

Standing by the soundboard were they placed photographers to shoot our one song, it looked like Céline Dion sold out the PNC Arena.  

Photo by Christopher Sturk from f28medianc.com

As we waited for the beginning of the show,a DJ was playing music. The camera crew was on the dance monitor.  As they spotted people dancing they would put them up on the main screen for the audience’s entertainment.

The lights dimmed and Céline raised from the stage floor in the spotlight. She had on a sexy red sequined dress with a high slit up the side to show off her dancer’s physique and legs as she opened up with the song It’s All Coming Back To Me Now (Pandora’s Box cover).

At the end of an Alan Menken cover of Beauty and the Beast, Céline started chanting the left, the left, the left , the right, the right, the right. She then told us that her ears were mixed up and it was making her crazy. She had Mike, her sound technician, come out (to his embarrassment) and start playing with her in ear monitors while she made faces. Then handed him the microphone telling him not to sing while she took them off for him. Of course the audience began chanting “Mike, Mike, Mike” trying to entice him to sing.  Céline is known to be a bit of a jokester and with the cameras on her she had her eyebrow thing going on. While Mike did his thing, she spoke about telling the truth. “Why can’t people just tell the truth? It’s not a technical problem.  It’s not a wardrobe malfunction. I was late and they had to rush to get me ready. People just need to tell the truth“. As Mike was adjusting the wires down her back to the wireless that rested on top of her tailbone, Céline started oohing. Making faces and shaking her butt at him with a wicked playful expression.

After that was all done, Céline thanked us for our patience and then asked us for a favor. “I know, I’m the one having problems tonight and should be doing you a favor and I’m asking for you to do me a favor ?. I need you to sing this song with me and we need to rehearse.” The song was John Famham’s Youre the Voice.

Céline did four wardrobe changes for the show. The sexy red sequined party dress, black pants with a tear off sleeve tuxedo shirt, A black sequined and nude gown that she almost tripped on. For her last song a silver sequined bodysuit that totally fit the collage of 80’s cover tunes by David Bowie, Prince, Queen and others.

It was definitely a fun and interesting show with Céline rolling through the wardrobe malfunctions and technical difficulties to put on a stellar show. At time getting emotional at the audiences support of her. Thanking everybody again and again for their support and patience.

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