Tove Lo

Tove Lo

@ The Ritz Raleigh

February 6, 2020

Swedish singer-songwriter, Tove Lo, packed the house on a crappy, rainy Thursday night.  The fans dressed in 80’s glam girl, even a few of the guys, as they defied the tornado to show their love for Tove.

She was an electric little sex kitten on stage. Full of energy, she constantly danced while rotating her hips, running her hands up and down her body and grinding as they moved through song after song. The audience danced, jumped and mimicked her moves as they sang along. While her songs make excellent party music, they also reflect on a life of ups and downs. The downs probably explaining why Tove is listed as Sweden’s Darkest Pop export while her newer music from Sunshine Kitty breaks away from that a bit as she grows.

Tove was engaged talking a little to the fans between songs. She thanked them for coming out to see her in the bad weather. It was a fun energetic show and definitely worth going out to.