Drum Tao

Drum Tao 

@ Carolina Theater Durham, NC

February 13, 2020

With only 10 minutes that we are allowed to shoot in low light (sorry about the image quality), I just can’t begin to show you how great this performance was. There was so much more to the performance than members playing the drums. There was dance, martial arts, acrobatics and comedy.

The pictures portray the first act of a lovely lady performing a silk dance to the sound of two oo-daiko.

The screen split to reveal the rest of the troupe of taiko players. They marched out playing katsugi oke daikos and danced for us. At times bouncing them in the air off their legs as the continued to play them.

The third performance started with a single drummer lit behind a curtain as a spot falls on top of a musician playing a koto. After a minute, a Ryuteki (Japanese flute) musician joins him as she joins his melody for a minute as a second lady joined them in their song.

The other acts/performances there were shamisen (3-string lute) playing, martial arts dance forms of bōjutsu (staff) and tanbō (stick). The men performed a Wagasa (umbrella) dance and the ladies a uchiwa (fan) dance. The bit of comedy was a dance where they turned out the lights and the performers were outlined with green lights.

I’m not going to go into more detail, but this performance is a must see.  If it was not a school night, it is great entertainment for children young and old. I hope they do not wait another 6 years to perform in the Triangle, because I would definitely go again (and maybe beg their manager to let me shoot more of the show).