Skillet and Ledger

Skillet & Ledger

@ Piedmont Hall, Greensboro, NC

March 5, 2020

After getting credentials to shoot Skillet at Piedmont Hall in Greensboro, I was told by the publicist I had to contact the opening bands separately for each of their approvals. The amusing thing was the drummer and co-vocalist of Skillet, Jen Ledger, made a solo album and was the first opening act. I contacted the same publicist company for Ledger to receive approval.


Generally I only write a review for the headliner, but because Jen opened for her band (two paycheck night?), I have added one of her in this one. While in the photo pit I looked at the Ledger drum kit on stage wondering if she was playing them tonight or was she instead going to be the front woman and sing. I have listened to her music, but have never seen Ledger live as a solo artist.

Out came the backup musicians and it was clearly not Jen on the drums.

Ledger is still Christian rock, but not as heavy as with Skillet.   Her performance was great. As you would figure for a drummer, Jen had a lot of energy. Actually trying to get good, non blurry, pictures of Jen as the singer was a challenge. She moves a lot, bouncing and head banging as she preformed her songs.   It’s apparent she is having a grand time as you watch her interact and goof around with her band mates.



The main event was of course Skillet. The heavy metal Christian rock band where we then get to see Jen behind her drum kit.

Skillet started the night with Feel Invincible to their awaiting fans. Fans of all ages because there where little kids throughout the crowd. Watching Korey Cooper’s  high energy guitar playing while her husband, John, sings was exhausting. That women was jumping and spinning all night except for the two acoustic songs John sang with Jen in the middle of the show.

At one point John was talking about when he was young and could not wait to get home from a trying day at school. How he would put on his big over the ear headphones. “Not those little, skinny ear buds out now, but the big, isolating headphones.” How he would reach over to play his cassette player (more laughing from the audience) to ground himself and relax.

Over all it was a great show with all three bands (From Ashes to New was the second opener) and I can honestly say did not mind Having to purchase a ticket to receive my media/photo pass.


John Cooper – lead vocals, bass guitar, acoustic guitar (1996–present)

•Korey Cooper – rhythm guitar, keyboards, synthesizers, backing vocals (1999–present)

Jen Ledger – drums, female vocals (2008–present)

•Seth Morrison – lead guitar (2011–present)