Puddle of Mudd

Puddle of Mudd

@ Cone Denim Entertainment Center, Greensboro March 8, 2020

Puddle of Mudd had a good turnout considering it was a Sunday night and the Cone Denim Entertainment Center does not promote very well. The lower part of the theater was over half full with a lot of the seats up in the balcony taken.

Unfortunately, Wes Scantlin on lead vocals was not having a good night. He looked and sounded like he was straining for the four songs I stayed for. Instrumentally they sounded good, but the band seemed to have no energy. I understand Wes is pretty much stuck at the mic while playing guitar and singing, but guitarist, Matt Fuller, and bass player, Michael John, seem to have little to no energy too.

As I was leaving, it seemed I was not the only one with the feeling it was not worth the late Sunday night with work on the horizon Monday morning.

Current members

Wes Scantlin – lead vocals (1991–present), rhythm guitar (1991–2011, 2012–present), lead guitar (1996–1999)

Dave Moreno – drums, backing vocals (2005–2006; 2014–present)

•Matt Fuller – rhythm guitar (2012), lead guitar, backing vocals (2014–present)

•Michael John Adams – bass, backing vocals (2014–present)