@ Walnut Creek Amphitheater – Raleigh, NC

August 10, 2021

I’m back!  This is my first show this season after all the Rona stuff….

I have been a fan of Staind since back in my bar days. The first time I saw them play was at the Fat Cat in Springfield, Massachusetts. Bought the first cut of their Dysfunction CD before they where “known”. I have known some of the members from when they were in bands before joining up to create Staind back in 1995.

Current members include lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Aaron Lewis, lead guitarist, Mike Mushok, bassist and backing vocalist, Johnny April, and newer drummer, Sal Giancarelli (whom I could not get a good picture of back there in the dark).

It was a nice day for my first show back even though we photographers now have to shoot at the soundboard and are required to mask up.

I was surprised how light the crowd was considering Staind has not been on the road much sense 2014. I blame it on Rona and peoples concern of the Delta variant. Maybe 10-20% of the crowed was masked up for this outdoor event. Although they were opening for KoRn but to me, they where the main event.

Staind sounded great and Aaron still does not move around much. Unlike his rocker younger years if he is not playing backup guitar, he is basically hanging on the mic stand. Mike still had energy and was killing it on the guitar, ever the hard rock guitarist, hair and all. Mr. April still looking lean and mean on the bass.


It was good to see them again and hope to do so again next year as the headliner.