@ The Ritz Raleigh, NC

September 22, 2021

Love this band!  Fourth time I have seen them. Skillet is not what you would think a “Christian Rock” band would sound like. They bring huge power and huge energy. They are unlike other Christian rock bands you may think of like Creed or Striper from days of old.

Rhythm guitarist, Korey Cooper, who also plays keyboards and does backup vocals has crazy-crazy energy. Jumping, spinning, head banging for the full show.

John Cooper (Korey’s husband) with his powerhouse voice and energy on bass and lead vocals keeps you engaged.

Jen Ledger up on her drumming platform smiling all night like she has the best job in the world. Jen is also the co/lead-vocalist of the band as she performs a few of the bands hit songs (while still playing the drums).

Seth Morrison on lead guitar and tour cello/bassist, Cellist Tate Olsen, are the quiet ones. Okay, maybe Cellist is the quiet one as he does hang in the unlit background most of the time when John chooses to not play bass as he sings. Seth is in the spotlight shredding on guitar.

Skillet has all this power and energy while keeping a gurgling tour schedule.  Known as one of the hardest working rock bands out there. Loving the music, loving the fans, as they discreetly spread their gospel. I don’t know if they were glad or upset to take a break during corona shutdowns. They happen to be the second to last band I saw/covered on March 2019 in Greensboro before everything shutdown. It is sad they are only the 8th show I’ve covered sense then.

Huge power! Huge energy!  Huge show! Better if you can see them outdoors (no pyro in venues like The Ritz). Whether I get to cover them and take pictures or not, I will see them time and time again.

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