@ The Ritz Raleigh, NC
April 27, 2022

If you like your music loud and angry, this was a show for you.Trash metal band Testament is on their The Bay Strikes Back Tour with Death Angle and Exodus and preformed at the Ritz Raleigh this week.Like I said, loud and angry. The Ritz “suggested” not moshing or body surfing to cover their liability insurance. But of course the night did entail a lot of good natured body shaming and surfing that night.The light show was decent for the Ritz but no pyrotechnic for the night.

Current members
* Eric Peterson – lead and rhythm guitar, backing vocals (1983–present)
* Chuck Billy – lead vocals (1986–present)
* Alex Skolnick – lead guitar, backing vocals (1983–1992, 2005–present)
* Steve Di Giorgio – bass (1998–2005, 2014–present), backing vocals (2014–present)
* Dave Lombardo – drums (1998–1999, 2022–present)


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